Vietnam Holiday – Day One – Part Three


Notre Dame Cathedral


Post Office

After lunch we visited the Notre Dame Cathedral and the adjacent Post Office. Building materials for both were imported from France. The post office was based on the design of Gustave Eiffel (of Eiffel Tower fame) Links for both will expand details, if you are interested.


Cake Seller Outside the Post Office


Outside the War Remnants Museum


Entrance to the War Remnants Museum


The Yard of the War Remnants Museum


The Yard of the War Remnants Museum

We then visited the War Remnants Museum. It was interesting to read war details from the other side. It was  great museum but we were too exhausted to appreciate it.

Finally we drove through the New City. This is an area close to the city where many expats live. There are multi story condominiums and international schools. Streets are wider and there are not so many motorbikes.

A pleasant area.

A hectic first day introduction to Ho Chi Minh City.



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