Vietnam Holiday – Day Four – Part Two


Off We Go


Tonight was another highlight of our trip  A night:”foodie” tour of Ho Chi Minh City by motorbike. Despite my trepidation at being on the back of a motor bike in this city, we had a wonderful time.

At 6 pm three motor bikes turned up at the hotel Two for us and a backup. All were female final year University students, studying English. They were about 20 years old and their bright personalities meant that you couldn’t help but enjoy yourself.They helped me overcome my nervousness at bring on a motorbike in the crazy traffic.


Papaya Salad


Small Stools

Our first course was papaya salad. It wasn’t bad. Less spicy than Thailand and no soft shell crab. We sat on very small stools outside a public toilet in a park  We were served from a street stall.


Local Restaurant


Our Group

Our next stop was a very large  local restaurant full of locals. The girls ordered fo us. We had clams, ink bladders from squid (I think), and delicious fresh crusty bread. The bread was pulled apart and eaten without butter. Small portions of it were used to make sandwiches from the food. It then all washed down with Tiger Beer.Many dishes yet to come!

After dinner we had an exciting drive through a labyrinth of alleys, only about a meter wide with right angle turns. Fortunately it was all one-way.

This blog is getting a bit long, so I will break here. To be continued……


Unborn Chicken.Not for me!


Grilled Shrimp


Squid Ink Bladders




Snails and Morning Glory



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