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Meredith Wyse

ATT00001Not many people would choose Iran as a travel destination. Well Meredith Wyse, originally from England, but now a resident od Chiang Mai, did. Meredith graduated  in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Manchester.Currently she is the Strategic Development Manager for HelpAge International East Asia Pacific region based here in Chiang Mai.

It is not easy for the English and many other western countries to obtain a visa to enter Iran. In fact Meredith was rejected the first time she applied. As well visa costs are expensive.


Map Iran

Iran is a large country with many borders. She was on a budget tour which used cars, buses, and aircraft. She travelled extensively in the country. Ironically for an alcohol free Muslim country, the town of Shiraz,was included, where the grape variety was originally grown.

She found the people very friendly and inquisitive but well-informed.


The Blue Mosque in Tabriz

The tour included many holy sites. She travelled in April but she said she would prefer October when many of the local fruits were available.

Her presentation was rich in excellent photos and the talk was both interesting and informative.



Flag Iran


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