Holiday – Part Two

Our Boat & Driver

Day Three

We were up early for breakfast and to go on a long tail boat tour. We had booked a boat the previous day for six hours. We wanted to leave at 7:30am before it got too hot. My insulin was packed with freezer blocks in a cool box!

The Area is a National Park

Outdoor Facilities

Our first stop was Maya Bay. I had to pay a 200 baht national park fee. Thais are free. Usually I get away with the fee because I have a Thai drivng licence, but the collector would not back off! It is a beautiful area overrun with day trippers. Facilities and toilets are good. There are more modern toilets than the one in the picture!

Tsunami Reminder

Great Views

There are good sandy walking tracks and great views. Tsunami reminders were about. This whole area was severely damaged in 2005.

We made many more stops at scenic spots as we motored around. At one stage the driver trolled a plastic lure and caught a fish, a type of tuna I think.

Well back at Phi Phi Don, we escaped the heat in our air conditioned bungalow and rested up for our next seafood dinner.


The Driver Catches a Fish!


Toy in the Water


Another Great View

Monkey Beach


Another Boat


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