Dining Out Group – Billy’s Restaurant


Hello Billy


Restaurant Business  Card

On Thursday night tie Dining Out Group ate at one of our long-term favourite Italian restaurants, Billy’s.

Billy is Burmese, but learned to cook Italian food many years ago. Billy, his Thai wife, and young son live on the premises. They are a happy and friendly family.

The restaurant is a little hard to find, behind the AIS Building, where free parking is offered. Thirteen of us enjoyed the evening.

I ordered a lamb leg steak and Toy ordered a tuna and onion pizza.As usual there was enough pizza left over for my lunch the next day. Both were fine, although my vegetables were a bit cold and the service was a bit slow.

A happy night with good food and good company!



Tuna and Onion Pizza


Billy and Staff





Outside the Restaurant




Our Table

October Expats Meeting – Bangkok Hospital


Dr. Pavitra Waikasetkorn

The speaker at the Chiang Mai Expats Club meeting on Saturday at Le Méridien Hotel., was Dr. Pavitra Waikasetkorn, from the Dental Department of the Bangkok Hospital in Chiang Mai Her topic was  “Restorative Dentistry”. Bangkok Hospital is one of the sponsors of the Expats Club.


Pavitra with President Nancy and other Heavies

Her specialties are dental veneers, crowns, bridges (Fixed Prosthesis), and implant restorations. She received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Chulalongkorn University in 2003 and went on to receive her Master of Restorative Dentistry from University of Michigan in 2009. Pavitra is my dentist and she does fine work.

While the topic was somewhat interesting it was also fairly boring. Restorative Dentistry is hardly a riveting topic.

Norden – Swedish Crayfish Party



A crayfish party is a traditional summertime eating and drinking celebration in Sweden and many Nordic countries.

In Sweden a crayfish party is called a kräftskiva.The Swedish proprietor of Norden, Phil, decided he would like to carry on the tradition here.

He prepared a menu which included 1 kg of crayfish (sourced locally) and cooked in the traditional Swedish way, with garden salad,bread, butter,cheese pie and assorted drippings.

A great evening. The crayfish were a little bit hard to peel. but were delicious! We also completed the meal with a schnapps




Crayfish Platter




Yum again


Dining Out Group – “My Backyard” or “Suan Krua”


Entrance to the Restaurant

mbLast night the Dining Out Group ate at My Backyard or it’s Thai name, Suan Krua Organic Cafe. It is a long way out-of-town so there were only six of us. It was a wonderful evening.

Suan Krua Organic is a new, organic, fresh and delicious cafe and restaurant located out in Mae Rim just off the Mae Rim – Mae Jo connecting road. Owned by Pattida, the mother of the household , the restaurant prides itself on using only fresh hydroponic salad and organic vegetables grown on their farm. Salad, broccoli, zucchini, and bell peppers are just a few of their offerings, and with a wide range of western and Thai influenced dishes, their menu is vast and delicious. Some favourites include bacon roti, rib steak with a rich sauce and their highly popular fruit salad, served inside a musk melon. Prices are very reasonable. Service was friendly and attentive.

I ordered spaghetti with prawns (one) and fruit. Delicious! Toy ordered ribs which he declared to be the best in Chiang Mai. For dessert we shared fruit salad served in a half cantaloupe. A fitting finale to a great meal.

As usual thankyou to Toy and Nop for photos.

A great Dining Out venue. It’s a pity it is so far from home.


Washed Down with a Chilean Red


Our Table – 2 USA, 2 Thai, 2 Oz


Spaghetti with Prawns and Fruit




Wine Tasting Rimping


B & G Wine For Sale


Happy Customers


Fresh Oysters




Cabernet Sauvignon



Last night there was another wine tasting in the on-going series at Rimping, Promenada This function featured the B & G French wine company. This was a huge event. The attendance was too large for the usual tasting room so the restaurant was taken over. Even then it was fairly crowded and seating was at a premium. In all 27 wines were offered for tasting. Yes 27. I wonder if anyone got through them all. We got about half way. As well as the usual canapes, three fresh oysters per person were offered. Great value for 500 Baht!

Future promotions will feature wines from  Chile and Italy. In December there will be a Single Malt Scotch Dinner.

Dining Out Group – Little Italy Pizza Garden


Restaurant Front Door


A Pre-Dinner Drink

Last night the dining Out Group ate at the Little Italy Pizza Garden restaurant in Hang Dong. A small group of 6 of us enjoyed the evening. The restaurant is owned by an Italian (blond hair and blue eyes) and his Thai wife. The wife seemed to do most of the cooking while the husband was the front person


Frittaur Mista

Both Toy and I ordered  Frittaur Mista which the menu described as ” deep fried shrimps and calamari topped with lemon juice and accompanied with fresh mayonnaise and garlic sauce”. It was good without being wonderful. Paul’s antipasto looked appetising and I wish that I had ordered it! Service was friendly enough but a little indifferent.

As usual thank you Nop and Toy for the pics.

August Expats Club Meeting – Andy Barrow


Andy and his Wife are Welcomed to Le Meridan Hotel

The August Chiang Mai Expats meeting was held at the Le Meridan Hotel on Saturday mornng.


Andrew Barrow in Action

Gold-metal rugby paralympic athlete Andy Barrow presened an inspirational program: “Take the Opportunity”. Andy drew. on his experience as a Triple Paralympian, three-time European gold medalist and former captain of the Great Britain wheelchair rugby team, to inspire and motivate the audience. He represented Great Britian at the Athens, Beijing and London Paraolympics  He spoke with pride about the games being held in his home city of London.

His presentation was topical with the Rio paralympics about to begin and was appreciated by the large audience.

Dining Out Group – Khum Viang Yong Restuarant


Outside the Restaurant


We Arrived Early

Last night 13 members of the Dining Out Group ate at the Khum Viang Yong restaurant This Northern Thai restaurant is located on the ground floor of a multi-level beautiful wooden Thai house, just off Canal Road, a little north of the Night Safari. It is situated next door to the former Oregano Italian restaurant.

I ordered  a sweet and sour tubtim fish (red talapia). It was delicious and so large that there was enough to bring home for lunch.


Spicy Forrest Mushrooms


Sweet and Sour TubTim

Toy ordered an appetiser of spicy forest mushrooms (his favourite when in season) , followed by chicken soup and vegetables. He enjoyed both.

An enjoyable evening of food and company!

On a sad note , we said goodbye to Bill and Ruth. Ruth has a brain tumor and is returning to the USA for treatment.


Chicken and Vegetable Soup


Ruth and Bill

Dining Out Group – Eden Bar & Restaurant


Outside the Restaurant


Our Table with a Few Missing

On Thursday night the Dining Out Group ate at the Eden Bar & Restaurant.This establishment is in a narrow soi, near the UN Irish Pub. It is operated by a Frenchman (the chef) and his Thai wife (the waitress). They serve both French and Thai food.

Well what can I say. The evening  was like a Thai version of Faulty Towers. Firstly the waitress seemed to be disinterested or incompetent in taking orders. Finally Nop did the rounds of the table taking orders.The chef would come out of the kitchen from time to time checking on translations!

I ordered Duck with mango with a side dish of chips. They forgot the chips which came later. Toy ordered Prawn fried rice and a Thai beef salad. Food was OK, without being wonderful. Fifteen of us had a frustrating evening.


Duck with Mango


Prawn Fried Rice

Despite ordering our meals well before 7 o’clock, they arrived between 8 ad 8:30. To top things off, I was sick about 2 o’clock in the morning, food poisoning……..who knows. We won’t hurry back!


Thai Beef Salad

Expats Club July Meeting – Frans Betgem

fbThis month’s CEC General Meeting at Le Méridien Hotel. Frans Betgem, owner of CEC Sponsor Green Trails presented a program on tours in Northern Thailand. Starting soon, guides from Frans’ gtcompanies will offer overnight or one-day tours of Northern Thailand, custom designed just for us.
Green Trails offers active, adventurous tours that involve trekking, cycling, rafting and elephant experiences. Their other main brand is called Chiang cmalcMai a la Carte, specialising in customized tours in North Thailand. They promote lesser visited destinations such as Lampang, Phrae, Nan and Mae Sariang and also promote nationwide and local festivals. Lanna Cycling Tours and Tong Bai Elephant Tour are also part of the company.

Frans is from the Netherlands and graduated in contemporary history at the University of Amsterdam. Frans has more than 20 years experience in the region and has travelled very extensively. He has designed tours for a variety of travel agents around the world. After having worked for almost 20 years in the travel industry he has decided to devote his time and boundless energy and enthusiasm to Tiger Trail Thailand. Besides travelling Frans loves the outdoors, music and sports, in particular football. He is an enthusiastic hiker and cyclist. 

An interesting morning. Some of the tours sound inviting.