This is my City

Chiangmai online social spread a song clip called This is my City was made by an Australian tourist to show his love for Chiangmai, the video was shot in all the important tourist spots and attraction.

Mr.Patrick Kenedy, Australian tourist who has been in Chiangmai for 3 years, who is a teacher in Prem Tinnasulanon international school, Chiangmai, who is so obsessed with Chiangmai after visiting there 10 years ago made a song about the place with some foreign friends.

In the video he sings about the floods, Thai people helping each other, and also reflects on the careless of people riding motorcycles without wearing helmet which causes a lot of accidents in Chiangmai. At the end of the clip there is switching between a lot of cities in the world, and a question is asked to the audience “where is your city?”

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