The Hot Season

Lottery Ticket Seller with good Sun Protection

This is the hot season and it is, well…….Hot! Very hot in fact!

Mai pen rai (never mind); in a month or so it will be the rainy season to bring relief.

Female Construction Worker with good Sun Protection

Despite my horrible electricity bill (too much use of air-conditioning) there are some compensations.

Poincianas and frangipanis are in full bloom. The Ratchaphruek tree is flowering (Thailand’s national flower). Best of all however mangoes and durians are in season.

My favourite mango variety is nam dok mai, which means water of flowers.

Thais like to eat mangoes green,with sugar and chili powder.

Frangipani on my Morning Walk

Frangapani on my Morning Walk



Ratchaphruek Blooms on my Morning Walk

Ponciana on my Morning Walk


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