Smoke in Chiang Mai


Smoke in Chiang Mai

Most parts of Chiang Mai have been covered by smoke haze for the four consecutive days and the problem is affecting both locals and tourists.

A survey of the air quality at the provincial hall shows the amount of airborne dust particles at 125 microgramme/one cubic metre and 120 mocrogramme/one cubic metre in the centre of the town.

The smoke haze was caused by forest fires which, until Friday, were reported at 70 points in MaeChaem, Om Koi, Hod, Doi Tao and Mae Wang districts to the south of the province and in Chaiprakarn, Mae Taeng, Prao and Chiang Dao districts to the north.

It was reported that over 1,000 people had already been treated with respiratory problem.

My eyes are hurting from the smoke. Oh well, it’s been worse!

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