Toyota Service and Lunch at Cafe Din Din

dinYesterday morning we had a service booking at Lanna Toyota for the 2 year service of our Vios. It cost B1150 (A$45) which included a free wash outside and a clean inside. The car is still under warranty and the labour cost is free. We have only one more free labour charge service at 21./2 years. We renewed our insurance while we were there. In Thailand you can only insure for 80% of the car’s value, so in case of total loss you would be out-of-pocket.. The car was ready by 11 o’clock so we decided to have lunch at Cafe Din Din.

This upmarket Thai-fusion restaurant is located in a soi off the middle ring road, not far from the Mee Chock intersection. The dishes are quite creative without being overly priced. Toy ordered orange juice and green curry. I had a fresh coconut and five flavour fish. We shared Din Din fries which were a little bit spicy. For alters we shared a roti and ice-cream.

My food was great but Toy reckoned his green curry was so so. He should have been more adventurous in his order.

The restaurant had pleasant ambiance but the service was a bit impersonal. We’ll probably be back.



Roti with Ice-Cream


Green Curry


Fresh Coconut, Din Din Fries, Five Flavours Fish

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