The Spirit House Restaurant

It’a a rainy morning in Chiang Mai. Far too wet for my morning walk! The rain started about 8 o’clock last night and has been falling all night. Typical rainy season weather really. I love the rainy season, the rain clears the air, drops the temperature, and makes everything fresh and green.


Photos of The Spirit House Restaurant & Bar, Chiang Mai
The above photo of The Spirit House Restaurant & Bar is courtesy of TripAdvisor


Burmese Antiques for sale at Spirit House

Leigh and Kris

Last night I had dinner at The Spirit House Restaurant with my American friends, Leigh and Kris.

Leigh is not blind! He opens his eyes to eat. But now Kris has caught it!

Leigh and Kris again




 The Spirit House is situated in Viangbua Road in the Chang Puek area. It has two sections; the inside area has rustic wooden tables and chairs and is decorated with Burmese antiques, while the outside area consists of individual private Salas, with lots of foliage. It is built around an old chedi.

The restaurant is run by Steve, an American guy who has lived in Chiang Mai for a long time and his Thai business partner, Wonchai. Steve formerly owed antique shops in the city. The two wait staff are Golf and Dar.

Golf and Dar



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