The Dukes

The Dukes Ribs

Last night the Dining Out Group ate at The Dukes. There are two locations, the Night Bazaar and the original location along the Ping River, near the Iron Bridge. We ate at the latter.



The restaurant has an American owner and it is very popular with Americans and other Expats. Serving sizes are huge. It is a common sight to see customers leaving clutching “doggy bags” Pictured are The Duke’s proprietor, David, and Paul, the Dining Out Group convener.

David & Paul

They offer a diverse selection of American style ribs, steaks, burgers, pizzas and more. I ordered the ribs (pictured above). They came with seasoned chips, baked beans, snow peas, coleslaw and corn bread and were delicious! I couldn’t eat everything so bought the remainder home. Lucy, who I sat with, ordered a salad which came with Italian bread, and a pizza. I reckon she took home enough food for several meals! The proprietor, David, served complimentary desert, which was appreciated by the group.

Gentlemen Prefer Blonds!




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