The Dining Out Group – Krachang Thong Restaurant

The Krachang Thong Restaurant is a Thai seafood restaurant located on Mae Jo Road. It is 5.6 kilometers from the Super highway  going north. Last night the Dining Out Group ate there.

Kratong Thong literally means golden cups or golden baskets. Here is a krachang mould and some recipes. I don’t know if the name of the restaurant is related to this because there was no sign of them on the menu!

Enjoying My Meal

As it was the King’s Birthday, the restaurant was not able to serve alcohol. We were however permitted to bring our own, for which there was no corkage charge.

The food was excellent and was enjoyed by our small group of eight diners.

I ordered a prawn fried rice and a sweet and sour snake head fish and also shared a plate of prawn cakes with Don.

Prawn Fried Rice




Shrimp Cakes





Ann & Colin






Nop Helping the Waitress Serve Ann & Colin's Fish




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