Lemon Tree

Last night the Dining Out Group ate at the Lemon Tree restaurant. Located opposite the Shell servo in Huay Kaew Road, it seems to have been here forever. In fact it opened in 1995.

I doubt if anything has changed in all that time. I remember eating there as a tourist about 10 years ago. The menu seems exactly the same. In fact last night I ordered red snapper sweet and sour that I remember eating way back then.

We only had a small group, 6 actually, the usual suspects.

Red Snapper Sweet & Sour

 Here is a review from the “Chiang Mai Mail” October 14, 2008, but it doesn’t sound dated!

Lemon Tree :  By Neil Robinson

Reliable, superior Thai food at reasonable prices

I have eaten at Lemon Tree on Huay Kaew Rd. many times. The atmosphere, like many Thai restaurants, is rather utilitarian. What keeps me coming back is that you can rely on the food always being at least good, and often very good, coupled with the reasonable prices and the fact that most of the customers are Thai. There are some Thai restaurants with predominantly farang or tourist clientele, which makes me suspicious.

I went there with a Thai companion. We ordered four dishes – more than ample for two. Deep fried pork ribs, soft shell crab with black and fresh pepper, two types of mushroom in oyster sauce and young coconut salad. We drank fruit drinks. The best dishes were the soft shell crab and the salad. As I bit into the soft shell crab, it was first spicy hot, then came the peppery flavour (which I really like), then the mild, but still tasty crab. This is a dish not to be missed if you do not mind spicy food. If you eat the coconut strips from the salad by themselves, then they have a slightly sweet, firm and crisp texture. Eating all the ingredients together, I realized what an excellent mix the salad was, with spices, minced pork, shrimp and tasty basil combining in a way that makes Thai food such a successful cuisine.

The meat, though fairly tender, was rather fatty. Eaten together with the accompanying crispy shredded garlic however, the flavour was very good (although most savoury items taste good with crispy shredded garlic!). The mushroom dish, including both regular (het hom) and golden needle mushrooms, was quite mild, but did offer two quite distinct mushroom flavours. The service was friendly and efficient. The cost, for more than ample food, came to a little over 200 baht per person.

The Huay Kaew branch is on Huay Kaew Rd., quite close to Central at Kad Suan Kaew and opposite the Shell station.

The restaurant has very basic decor with yellow paint, cafe style, and is not really suited for a romantic tryst. It has survived all this time because the food is good and cheap. Service was fast and pleasant.

Happy Campers


Seafood Salad


Morning Glory Vegetable

Steamed Crab Cake

Me Al & Paul



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