Dining Out Group – The House Of Palm

This Thai restaurant is situated at 62 / 6 Moo 5, Raungnaue, Doi Saket. It is off to the left from the Chiang Rai Road (route 118), about a kilometre before the Doi Saket turnoff.

After living in Los Angeles for 20 years and owning and operating the very successful “Jitlata” restaurant there, Khun Montree and his wife Khun Tim have returned to their native Chiang Mai and opened the ” House of Palm “. The Sultan of Brunei is said to have been a regular visitor to the Los Angeles restaurant.

Paul, the convenor of the Dning Out Group, reckons it is the best Thai restaurant in the world!

The setting of this restaurant is beautiful, with manicured gardens and a nice pond. The restaurant itself is on the ground floor of a modern “traditional” Thai house, thus open on all sides, though there are plastic curtains which can be pulled down in the wet season.

Mains are around B120 to B180, and portions are generous.

Fourteen of us enjoyed a great meal.

We ordered satay pork andĀ fried won-tons, for starters and then Don and I shared Chicken Sunrise and Sweet & Sour fish. The food was delicious.


Main Courses


Don & Phim Enjoying Themselves


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