Dining Out Group – Suki Taro


Outside the Suki Taro

On Thursday night the Dining Out Group ate at the Suki Taro Thai restaurant. This hard to find restaurant is located in a soi behindĀ  Central Festival Plaza. There is no English menu but adequate food photos of the dishes. Strangely Canadian crayfish was on the menu by prior order. Twenty of us enjoyed the meal there.

I ordered safely…battered prawns while Toy and his sister, Loom, shared raw prawns and oven baked vermicelli with prawns, which they both enjoyed. The prawns were a little bit too heavily battered for my liking.


Red Wine from Lamphun

I decided to be very brave and order a bottle of wine from Lamphun, from a winery south of Chiang Mai. Not too bad!

The restaurant obviously is very popular with Thais. In fact we were the only farangs there! This hidden gem was located in a posh residential soi.

The total bill, including wine, for three people was 685 baht. (about A$26.50)12596137_1745743048990012_1002504487_n

Rich, Chris, Me, Toy, Toy’s sister Loom


Battered Prawns


Raw Prawns


Oven Baked Vermicelli with Prawns

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