Dining Out Group – Mama’s Kitchen


Entrance to the restaurant via the Hotel

Last night a small Dining Out Group of 5 ate at Mama’s Kitchen. Mama’s Kitchen is located in The Thamna Hotel. which in turn is located in the exclusive Palm Springs moo baan in Mahidol Road. Security¬† is taken seriously there.


Our Group with Mama

Mama’s Kitchen serves¬† Indian food. The Thai lady boss moved to Pakistan with her husband, learning cooking from her mother-in-law. She is Thai and is now back in Chiang Mai.

We ordered a bottle of Australian Bandicoot estate premium selected red.


Fried Potatoes

For starters we shared fried potatoes. They bandicootwere Indian style. A bit like chips really but with indian spices. Delicious!.

Toy ordered beef curry and yellow rice while I ordered a beef & cheese naan. The naan took ages to arrive. I asked for extra cheese. Wish I hadn’t. It also contained a spice which was almost too hot. Well it was an Indian restaurant.

And, yes, Mama does the cooking , Thanks for the pics Toy and Nop.


Beef Curry


Cheese & Naan Bread


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