Dining Out Group – Le Bistrot


Outside the Restaurant


On Thursday night the Dining Out Group ate at the Le Bistrot French restaurant. Eleven diners attended. The restaurant is located at 42 Kampangdin Road in the old Billy’s restaurant venue. In fact many of the old fittings remain.

Service was  indifferent and the wait staff looked a bit like Dad’s Army. It was very French and a bit expensive. Only two  other diners were present.


Toulose Sausage

I chose Toulouse sausage. Toy decided not to attend. He was concerned about parking and anyway it was a bit European for him.

The sausage wasn’t too bad but it took an extraordinary long time to arrive. House red wine was a bit expensive at 100 baht a glass.

A fairly ordinary evening. I won’t hurry back to the restaurant!


Nop’s Lamb Chops


Our Table

Thanks for the photos, Nop.

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