Dining Out Group – Jai Hom Tewada Restaurant


Jan Hom Tewada Restaurant

On Thursday night the Dining Out group ate at Jan Hom Tewada restaurant. This not very well-known restaurant is located in a small mall almost opposite the large Central Airport Plaza Mall.


Central airport Plaza

Although the menu is southern Thai, the decor was in Chinese style. Ten of us enjoyed the evening.The restaurant was well supported by local diners.


Eggs & Leaves


Beans & Prawns

Toy enjoyed a dish of eggs and leaves.The dish was similar to an omolet The leaves are only available in southern Thailand  He also ordered spicy beans and prawns which he declared equally delicious.

I played safe and ordered prawns and broccoli. Not a chili to be seen! Yum.


Brocolli & Prawns

We finished with deep-fried bananas and custard.


Deep Fried Bananas

An enjoyable restaurant with mainly southern, very spicy, dishes.Service was fine.Thank you Toy and Nop for the photos


Our Table – Bill & Ruth in the Foreground

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