Dining Out Group – Eden Bar & Restaurant


Outside the Restaurant


Our Table with a Few Missing

On Thursday night the Dining Out Group ate at the Eden Bar & Restaurant.This establishment is in a narrow soi, near the UN Irish Pub. It is operated by a Frenchman (the chef) and his Thai wife (the waitress). They serve both French and Thai food.

Well what can I say. The eveningĀ  was like a Thai version of Faulty Towers. Firstly the waitress seemed to be disinterested or incompetent in taking orders. Finally Nop did the rounds of the table taking orders.The chef would come out of the kitchen from time to time checking on translations!

I ordered Duck with mango with a side dish of chips. They forgot the chips which came later. Toy ordered Prawn fried rice and a Thai beef salad. Food was OK, without being wonderful. Fifteen of us had a frustrating evening.


Duck with Mango


Prawn Fried Rice

Despite ordering our meals well before 7 o’clock, they arrived between 8 ad 8:30. To top things off, I was sick about 2 o’clock in the morning, food poisoning……..who knows. We won’t hurry back!


Thai Beef Salad

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