Dining Out Group – Billys

Nop & Don

Last night the Dining Out Group ate at Billy’s Italian Restaurant recently relocated to Kampangdin Rd.Soi 1

Billy is a Chan man from Western Burma and learned to cook Italian food from the great Sergio of Buonissimo and Pizza  fame. He and his wife are very welcoming.

Lamb Leg

For my main course I had grilled lamb leg. A very generous portion served with chips and vegetables.It was delicious!

Because my blood sugar readings have been fine lately, I decided to have a desert. I wish I hadn’t! I ordered Panna cotta which obviously had been frozen and was only partially thawed.

A   small group of only 10 of us enjoyed a pleasant evening.

Our Table


Reading the Menu

Billy, Nop, Paul, & Me

Photo by Steve at City-Now


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  1. The photo ‘Nop&Don’… look at my face…. probably I asking him ‘What the heck you talking about’ ha..ha..ha..

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