Since my return to Oz, I have had a heap of pathology tests done. The results were mainly acceptable.

My HbA1c was 7.1. This is a measure of how well controlled my diabetes has been. While a little high, the physician thought the result was reasonable, given my age and the amount of time I have had diabetes.

Some other tests were

Cholesterol 2.3 mmoll/L (desired rangeĀ  3.6 – 7.3)

Triglycerides 1.9 mmol/L (desired result < 1.5)

HDL 0.47 mmol/L (desired result <1.00)

LDL 0.89 mmol/L (desired result > 2.0)

While some results were not in the desired range, the physician regarded them as reasonable. My cholesterol was very low and my HDL (good cholesterol) excellent.

The only result of concern was my serum vitamin B12 which was 92 mmol/L. The normal range is 162 – 811. This is a side effect of long term taking of metaformin, a diabetic drug, I use. I was given a vitamin B injection and I will require regular injections of this vitamin. I guess I can arrange this at Chiang Mai Ram hospital.

My iron studies show some anemia and the physician said I should resume taking iron tablets.

Next Friday I see the cardioogist who no doubt will do an echo- cardiogram.

The dentist check up found no cavities.

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