Orchid Farms

At the moment some friends from Harvey Bay in Queensland, Australia, are visiting Chiang Mai. He is an orchid hobbyist and belongs to The Hervey Bay Orchid Society. GraemeĀ  wanted to purchase orchids in flasks to take back to Oz. Bottles must be sealed and comply with quarantine regulations in Australia.

Doisaket Orchid Company

Yesterday we went to Doi Saket to try to find farms. Eventually we located two farms, Sukhaking orchid farm and Doisaket Orchids Company. The two farms which are a few kilometers apart seem to be somehow related. The farms are in a very senic area surrounded by paddy fields.

Graeme inspecting Flasks

Staff Potting Orchids

Growing Out Orchids in Greenhouses

Beautiful Specimens


One thought on “Orchid Farms

  1. Hi Bert , arrived home on Sunday at 10pm tired but happy .
    I went to purchase some flasks in Phuket but left very disappointed, they did not have a very large selection and were 5 times the price of Chiang Mai 2500bt. ea.
    I have spent the day potting up the ones that I have, looking good .
    Great work on the blog .
    Regards Graeme

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