Northern Food Valley Fair 2013

The Northern Food Valley Fair 2013 was held in the Exhibition Hall at Chaing Mai Airport Plaza from Saturday 4 August to Sunday 4 from 10am until 8pm.

As today was the last day, I went to have a look this morning.

It was for any foodies or people interested in cooking. There was a variety of organic food, many Thai brands, northern Thai local produce, pastries and sweets, savoury items,  cooking equipment, coffee and tea producers. Samples and testers were given away throughout the exhibition, plus great discounts to encourage people to purchase.

I didn’t spend much time there. It seemed I’d seen most of it before.There were some interesting foods displayed.

i was very impressed with a product which was solar dried banana slices coated in chocolate. Yum! It is made in the  Bang Krathum district of Phitsanulok province., south of Chiang Mai. I wish I had taken note of the local supplier. A 250 g packet cost 110 baht (A$4.04)

Hsu Chuan Foods Co., Ltd make a large range of ginger products at their factory in Chiang Rai. I must have a plant tour of their factory next time I drive to Chiang Rai.

Entrance to Exhibition Hall


Coffee Samples

Making Corn Fritters

Cutting a Durian for a Customer


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