My Left Foot

am1During my stay in Brisbane last year, I was diagnosed with a blocked artery in my left foot. Shortly after I developed a painful condition called cellulitis in that area. An area on top of the foot was weeping very slightly before discharge from hospital. It subsequently developed into a painful ulcer. Doctors at the Bangkok Hospital in Chiang Mai are treating me weekly. They seem to think they can cure it eventually, but progress is very slow because of poor circulation. Unfortunately Google searches seem to confirm this prognosis.

Because of the slow progress and the pain I am experiencing, in desperation I have decided to undergo herbal treatment. Despite my scepticism they claim they can reduce the pain and largely clear the ulcer in one month.The capsules contain black sesame extract and rice bran powder and are called AIMMURA Dietary supplement.

I have told the doctor that I am taking the herbal capsules in conjunction with the antibiotics and medicinal cream. He is OK about that.

We will see!

Monday 20 March. Well it’s over a month. Is there any improvement? NO.

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