Morning Walk Wednesday

This morning was overcast, but not raining. Although the humidity was a bit high, it was pleasant enough walking. Do you know there is a Bollywood movie called “Morning Walk”?

I headed off about 6:30 am.Here are some pics I took along the way.

I spoke to the night clerk, James, at reception and then went to see Dech in the fowl run with his fighting rooster.

Night Clerk - James

Dech with his Rooster

Green Hill 3 is being fitted out and should be opened before long.

Not far from my apartment, a guy was sleeping it off outside a house in the sidecar of his motorbike. I would be worried about dengue fever from mosquito bites.

Sleeping It Off


Green Hill 3



I ran into Marilyn Monroe doing some early morning shopping at Harbour Mall and passed a monk collecting alms along Huay Keaw Road.

Marilyn Monroe

Monk Collecting Alms


Also saw  a school bus in Huay Keaw Road which would not pass Health and Safety Regulations in nost western countries.

A sign has been erected¬† at the Rincome Intersection. I wonder if it’s just a deterrent.

And finally a barking dog behind a gate. I guess the sign says “Beware of the Dog”. Are dalmations agressive?




It's a Nikon Too!

School Bus






Barking Dog






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