Morning Walk Saturday

Another overcast morning, but pleasant walking conditions.

Kaan Watering Garden

On the way out, I passed Kaan watering her new garden, near the front gate at the entrance to Green Hill 3.

MODA Sales Office

The sales office for the MODA Condo (under construction) is near to the entrance of Moo 5. I tried to cut out the tangle of communication cables from the photo, but I forgot about their reflection!

Preparing Breakfast

I walked past a Thai restaurant, just around the corner where the staff were preparing breakfast. I say hello to these ladies every morning. Note the open plan!

Green Hill 2

From the soi behind my apartment, I took a photo. I am on the top floor on the left.

Footpath Parking

Walking in Thailand can be hazzardous as footpaths are used for parking of motor bikes and even trucks!

New Condo

Just the Right Width!

Another day, another new condo. This one is being built in Huay Kaew Road, opposite the Maya Mall. The Ritta Construction Company is building it also.

Lottery Ticket Sellers

Popular Food Vendor

Drink Vendor

Tomorrow ( 01 Sept ) is the scheduled drawing of the Thai Government Lottery. I took a photo of some lottery ticket sellers at the Maya construction site. Also some food and drink vendors.

Model Sailing Ship

Finally I called into the lobby area of Green Hill 2 to take a photo of the wonderful model sailing ship that is on display there.

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