Maya – Open at Last


Maya, with it’s impressive facade and promoted as “the life style mall” is open at last.

We wandered over about 10 o’lock but the blessing ceremony by monks was still underway. We returned about 2 o’clock. It was very crowded. Rimping supermarket did not open until 4 o’clock.

Almost all of the shops were open but some are still to be fitted out. First impressions,

The main floor contained a lot of upmarket stores selling perfumes and fashion, the sort of stuff that most people look at but don’t buy!

An excellent food court with many Japanese restaurants. Seating seemed to be a bit limited.

Ten movie theatres, said to be state of the art. One was showing 7D which looked a bit gimicky.

All in all a favourable impression. It is going to be great having the Rimping suermarket and movie theatres in easy walking distance!

I took a few photos.

The Blessing Ceremony

The Blessing Ceremony

The Upmarket Spirit House

Giordano Fashion Store


Adidas Store

Dhara Dhevi Hotel Shop - Fruit Carving

Now Open

Inside Cinema - From Maya FaceBook Page

Shabushi Japanese Restaurant

Giant Mobile Between Levels

Fuji Japanese Restaurant


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