Lunch at Rimping

Pauline & Richard

Richard and Pauline live in Green Hill Place, Building 1. We used to live on the floor above them before we moved to Building 2.

They are from Seattle, USA, and come to Chiang Mai every winter. Pauline is originally from Israel. We haven’t seen them for some time so we decided to have lunch yesterday. We ate in the Rimping Supermarket restaurant at the new Maya Mall. The dishes were mainly Japanese and the portion sizes, especially for soups, were very small.


I odered an an egg cheese & bacon dish, Toy ordered some sort of mushroom soup, Pauline ordered another Jpanese soup, and Richard had a curry and rice. Meals were tasty but small and quite unlike the size portrayed on the menu. The prices however were  cheap! We had a good time gossiping about Green Hill Place!

My Meal

Toy's Soup (he had already eaten two mushrooms)


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