Dr. Vachiraporn Sujaritwanichpong

This morning I had an appointment with Dr. Vachiraporn Sujaritwanichpong, a dermatologist, at  the posh new skin clinic on the 5th floor of the Chiang Mail. Ram hospital.

I have seen her several times before. I showed her the surgery I had in Australia.and asked her opinion about the pre cancer spots remaining on my scalp. She said she would not, at this stage,use liquid nitrogen to burn them off. She suggested I treat my scalp with Effudex cream that I brought with me from Oz. There is no urgency about it, so I will start the application in a month or two, because it is unpleasant to use.

I was lucky enough to get a parking space on the 5 th floor.

Ramp to Fifth Floor Parking

Skin Clinic Reception


Cashier & Pharmacy

Vital Signs Checking

Reception Staff - Well she does have Clean Feet


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  1. Hi Vincent, Unfortunately I know nothing about spider viens, but I feel sure Laser surgery could be done in Chiang Mai. I would send an email to Chiang Mai Ram Hospital and ask them.

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