Trio Chicago & Friends

Last night I attended a concert of American Classical Music at the CRK Recital Hall at the Payap University Kaew Nawarat campus. The recital which featured  “Trio Chicago & Friends” was sponsored by the Payap University and the U.S. Embassy.

The group make annual tours to remote parts of the globe as cultural ambassadors. Although  billed as an evening of American Classical music, it consisted of mainly contemporary music and light classics.

Read the programme and programme notes .

An encore “When I Fall in Love”  was dedicated to the audience and the country of Thailand.

The audience really appreciated the playing of this group of distinguished musicians.


Soprano Laura Ham, Viola , Maarlon Johnston, with Elliott Golub

Founder, Elliott Golub

Soprano, Laura Hamm

Flute. Laura Hamm, Piano, Susan Chou



Elliott Golub presents Ayu Namtep (Payap) with a book about Chicago




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