Chiang Mai Expats Meetihg – January


Dr. Michael Shafer

 At the January meeting of the Expats Club, Dr. Michael Shafer, President, Warm Heart Worldwide Foundation, spoke about what his organization and others are doing to reduce the seasonal pollution problem in Northern Thailand.  Every March and April, Chiang Mai has a smoke pollution problem caused by forest fires, farmers burning rice stubble, and corn processors burning corn cobs and husks.

He claimed the problem could be eliminated in five years by {a) the government introducing legislation to prevent mushroom gatherers from starting forest fires and (b) building factories to produce “biochar” by a smokeless process.

He claimed it was up to everybody for their personal health to ensure this happens.

The General Meeting was proceeded by the Annual General Meeting . Nancy Lindley stood as President, because she and Roger will be relocating to Kota Kinabalu later in the yea.r She deserves much credit for restoring the Expats Club to its present vital position.

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