Our Little Break


Outside our Cabin at Chiang Dao Nest 2

On Saturday Don, my Canadian friend , with Toy and myself went on a small break to Chiang Dao.


Wat Banden – Dragon Stupa

On the way we called into the spectacular Wat Banden in the Mae Tang district It is a place for worshipping the stupas of the twelve Chinese zodiacs. We had lunch at a nearby resort.I enjoyed  coconut juice and sweet and sour fish.

Here is a video of Wat Banden


Inside Our Cabin


Refreshing Coconut Juice

In Chiang Dao we stayed at Chiang Dao Nest Two with its mountain view. It was a bit rustic but clean and comfortable enough.


Indian Brill Fish


Lunch Restaurant


Pet Duck

We had dinner at Chiang Dao Nest One which is noted for it’s cuisine.We all had the same dish,filet of Indian brill fish.served with a fried potato and salad. It was delicious!

We awoke on Sunday morning to a cold start and had breakfast at a nearby restaurant, where the cook’s son wandered around with his pet duck. He took a liking to Don.

We then explored the Chiang Dao cave area before heading back to Chiang Mai.

On the way home we lunched, at My Backyard restaurant in Mae Sai.

Avery enjo

My Left Foot

am1During my stay in Brisbane last year, I was diagnosed with a blocked artery in my left foot. Shortly after I developed a painful condition called cellulitis in that area. An area on top of the foot was weeping very slightly before discharge from hospital. It subsequently developed into a painful ulcer. Doctors at the Bangkok Hospital in Chiang Mai are treating me weekly. They seem to think they can cure it eventually, but progress is very slow because of poor circulation. Unfortunately Google searches seem to confirm this prognosis.

Because of the slow progress and the pain I am experiencing, in desperation I have decided to undergo herbal treatment. Despite my scepticism they claim they can reduce the pain and largely clear the ulcer in one month.The capsules contain black sesame extract and rice bran powder and are called AIMMURA Dietary supplement.

I have told the doctor that I am taking the herbal capsules in conjunction with the antibiotics and medicinal cream. He is OK about that.

We will see!

Monday 20 March. Well it’s over a month. Is there any improvement? NO.

Dining Out Group – Krua Kru Toy


Our Table


Lotus Pond

Last night 11 members of the Dining Out Group ate at Krua Kru Toy (literally Teacher Toy’s Kitchen).The site includes a few home stay units.

The restaurant is located off the Canal Road, about 5 km south of  the intersection with Huay Kaew  Road and is surrounded by ponds containing Lotus flowers. It has an extensive Thai Menu.


Sea Bass


Fried River Prawns

Toy and I shared Sautéed Salted Sea Bass with Chinese Celeries and Fried River Prawns with Tamarind Sauce. We enjoyed both meals.

Service was pleasant and attentive (with Nop’s assistance). We enjoyed the evening



The Pagoda Bistro & Bar


Maraya Hotel & Resort


Pagoda Restaurant and Bar


Pagoda by Day

The Pagoda Bistro and Bar is located within the Mayara Hotel and Resort. It is in a serene position on the bank of the Ping river, opposite the ancient city of Wieng Kum Kam and it’s pagoda. We had dinner there last night.It was hard to release we were only a few kilometers from the centre of Chiang Mai.

Although the hotel was fully booked (not many rooms), we were the only customers. Apparently the guests were on an evening excursion.


Prawn Rolls

We ordered prawn roles for an appetiser. Toy ordered a Thai beef salad and I had chicken and cashews.The prawn rolls were delicious as was the chicken and cashews but Toy said although the beef was fine his salad and rice was so so.We took our own bottle of a Penfolds red.


Thai Beef Salad


Chicken and Cashews


Marshmallow Pancake

It was a great night with a beautiful setting. The pagoda is softly lit, creating a peaceful atmosphere.p5

Chiang Mai Expats Meetihg – January


Dr. Michael Shafer

 At the January meeting of the Expats Club, Dr. Michael Shafer, President, Warm Heart Worldwide Foundation, spoke about what his organization and others are doing to reduce the seasonal pollution problem in Northern Thailand.  Every March and April, Chiang Mai has a smoke pollution problem caused by forest fires, farmers burning rice stubble, and corn processors burning corn cobs and husks.

He claimed the problem could be eliminated in five years by {a) the government introducing legislation to prevent mushroom gatherers from starting forest fires and (b) building factories to produce “biochar” by a smokeless process.

He claimed it was up to everybody for their personal health to ensure this happens.

The General Meeting was proceeded by the Annual General Meeting . Nancy Lindley stood as President, because she and Roger will be relocating to Kota Kinabalu later in the yea.r She deserves much credit for restoring the Expats Club to its present vital position.

Nop’s Land


Nop’s Land

Toy has  a friend called Nop , who owns a block of land at Doi Saket, about 20 km outside Chiang Mai. At the moment it is a part of a working rice farm.A neighbour works the farm and harvests the rice in return for keeping the land tidy and  clear of weeds etc.Yesterday we decided to pay a visit. Nop has no immediate plans to build a house. He regards the land purchase as an investment.

Nop’s neighbours are Allan, a Welshman who has been in Thailand 17 years, and his Thai wife of 13 years , Amorn. They are building a beautiful home there, surrounded by paddies and with great mountain views.


Nop,Jen, & Me


Panorama of the Dam

On the way home we called in to the Kuang Udom Thara Dam, built across the Mae Guang River , for a photo session. The rice farms get their water from here.

Our Holiday – Thirteen

Here is the final post of our holiday and is various pics of Hong Kong, taken by Toy, from The Bus.


Waiting to Board our Sampan


Boarding Our Sampan


The Boss


The Jumbo Floating Restaurant


A Busy Intersection


Top Deck of Bus


A Honk Kong Skyline


A Large Apartment Block


Another Large Apartment Block


A Kowloon Street Scene

The Dining Out Group – Red Chilli


entrance to the Red Chilli


Spring Rolls

Last night 16 of us from the Dining Out Group, ate at the  Red Chilli restaurant.The restaurant is located at the Santitam Guest House and occupies the site of the former Sadaidee restauant .It has been rebranded with a smaller menu with cheaper prices.


Our Table

Toy ordered raw prawns and rice chicken with ginger. I had spring rolls and sweet and sour fish. Meals were adequate without being wonderful.


Don,Toy,& Me

A lot of new people have joined the Group. It was a pleasant and sociable evening. Service was pleasant throughout the meal.

Our Holiday – Twelve


Thai Restaurant Opposite Our Hotel


Apple Cider

We had dinner at a very popular Thai restaurant opposite our hotel. Toy declared it to be authentic. He also ordered an apple cider, which was served upside down on a bed of ice in a glass. It was popular with locals there.


On the Tram

The next day we decided to do a Hong Kong tour by bus. We had enjoyed the “hop on hop off”  bus experience in Singapore so much. We took a taxi to the Star ferry where we bought tickets. In Hong Kong the service is called the “Big Bus”.For our first trip we toured the island including the Peak Tram.                                                                                       


The Big Bus


View From the Peak Tram


On the Top Deck of the Bus


Entrance to the Peak Tram


The Peak Tram


Our Holiday – Eleven


The Lights of Hong Kong Island from the Kowloon Side

The square outside our hotel was a pedestrian mall, lined with many restaurants. Most buildings had Christmas decoration lights As well there were groups singing Christmas Carols and other activities. It was a popular area for families and young people.


Christmas Lights


Christmas Lights


Christmas Lights


Christmas Lights