June Expats Meeting – Kathryn McDaniel


Kathryn McDaniel

Kathryn McDaniel was the guest speaker at the June meeting of the Expats Club at the Le Meridian Hotel on Saturday. She has been a resident of Chiang Mai for over 40 years coming here originally as a missionary.Her presentation was entitled, Helping Hand: Visiting farangs in local prisons.As a member of the Chiang Mai Community Church her group visits the prison weekly to support foreign (non-Thai) inmates. The Chiang Mai prison is located at Mae Tang about 40 km north of the city.


Kathryn, in the Blue Dress, with Heavies Before the Meeting

She is obviously a highly committed woman and her presentation was both interesting and enlightening.

Dining Out Group – Jai Hom Tewada Restaurant


Jan Hom Tewada Restaurant

On Thursday night the Dining Out group ate at Jan Hom Tewada restaurant. This not very well-known restaurant is located in a small mall almost opposite the large Central Airport Plaza Mall.


Central airport Plaza

Although the menu is southern Thai, the decor was in Chinese style. Ten of us enjoyed the evening.The restaurant was well supported by local diners.


Eggs & Leaves


Beans & Prawns

Toy enjoyed a dish of eggs and leaves.The dish was similar to an omolet The leaves are only available in southern Thailand  He also ordered spicy beans and prawns which he declared equally delicious.

I played safe and ordered prawns and broccoli. Not a chili to be seen! Yum.


Brocolli & Prawns

We finished with deep-fried bananas and custard.


Deep Fried Bananas

An enjoyable restaurant with mainly southern, very spicy, dishes.Service was fine.Thank you Toy and Nop for the photos


Our Table – Bill & Ruth in the Foreground

Weekend in Chiang Rai


Hill Tribes Harvesting Rice

We went to Chiang Rai for the weekend. Well, Huay Kee Lek, Wiang Chiang Rung ampoe, actually 45 km away. We went to see Toy’s relatives.

Driving conditions were excellent. Overcast but no rain. Conditions in the village were milder than Chiang Mai with a few showers. A pleasant respite from the heat in Chiang Mai.We made the compulsory stop at Charin restaurant for lunch and their excellent pastries. We ordered some chicken pies which we will collect on the way home.

We stayed in Chan’s house, Toy’s sister, who works in Hat Yai. All Toy’s  family were well..His 86 year old mother was fine although she is confined to the house because she can no longer use the stairs because of vertigo.


Toy’s Young Relatives


Toy’s Sister,La, Doing Embroidery

Travel Club – The Spice Islands


Jill & Clair During Their Presentation

siLast night, the Chiang Mai Travel Club met at the restaurant Food 4 Thought. We listened to guest speakers Jill and Clare talking about the Moluccas Islands, in Indonesia , more romantically known as the Spice Islands. They were the site for the spice wars in the 16th century. Nutmeg was particularly prized.

They gave an interesting account of many aspects of the islands.In their joint presentation they also covered topics like bird watching, diving, local politics, and languages.

Dining Out Group – Le Bistrot


Outside the Restaurant


On Thursday night the Dining Out Group ate at the Le Bistrot French restaurant. Eleven diners attended. The restaurant is located at 42 Kampangdin Road in the old Billy’s restaurant venue. In fact many of the old fittings remain.

Service was  indifferent and the wait staff looked a bit like Dad’s Army. It was very French and a bit expensive. Only two  other diners were present.


Toulose Sausage

I chose Toulouse sausage. Toy decided not to attend. He was concerned about parking and anyway it was a bit European for him.

The sausage wasn’t too bad but it took an extraordinary long time to arrive. House red wine was a bit expensive at 100 baht a glass.

A fairly ordinary evening. I won’t hurry back to the restaurant!


Nop’s Lamb Chops


Our Table

Thanks for the photos, Nop.

Breakfast by Candlelight!


Breakfast by Candlelight

Last night we had a storm about 7:30 pm. It then rained all night with another storm about 6:00 am this morning. To top things off we had a blackout this morning. The rainy season has well and truly arrived!

We cooked our breakfast (barramundi fish) on the gas stove and boiled water for tea.but we could not toast bread. It was very dark so we lit a candle.Breakfast by candlelight.


Vietnamese Barramundi Fish

Power was returned about 9:00 am.