Dining Out Group – Saenkham Terrace


The Entrance to the Staircase Leading to the Restaurant


Our Welcome Drink


Our Charming Hostess

On Thursday night the Dining Out Group ate at the Saenkham Terrace restaurant in the Clubhouse of an up-market moobaan. It is located off Canal Road near the Ratchapreuk intersection. I have been to this excellent restaurant several times before. Our table of 11 was looked after by a charming woman who was a popular Thai singer with a large band some years ago. They recently held a reunion concert in Bangkok.

Meals were delicious as usual but the wine was very expensive. I must remember to drink beer next time.


Our Smallish Group


Don Looks Like he is Enjoying Himself

I ordered thinly sliced beef and vegetables in oyster sauce while Toy ordered tofu soup and fish fried rice.

Food was up to the usual high standard. A  most enjoyable evening.


Tofu Soup


Thinly Sliced Beef in Oyster Sauce


Eat On Earth Restaurant


Outside the Restaurant and Coffee Shop

We went to pick up Don at his apartment. He is staying at our house for a couple of nights. On the way we decided to eat at the up market restaurant, Eat On Earth, at San Sai. The restaurant is situated in pleasant garden surroundings.

We received very attentive service from the wait staff. Don ordered prawn cakes and tenderloin steak with onion rings, Toy ordered raw prawns and ribs, and I ordered garlic bread and T-bone steak and chips.Don’s onion rings were cold and my steak was a little undercooked. Vegetables were a bit too al dente but otherwise the meals were OK. Strangely the corkage of one bottle of wine was 200 baht but two bottles cost no more! Overall it was a pleasant dining experience. The steaks were reasonably priced for Chiang Mai.


Garlic Bread


T-Bone Steak and Chips


Raw Prawns




Prawn Cakes


Don’s Steak and Onion Rings

Our Mushroom Farm


Our Mushroom Farm


The First Mushrooms Appear

The Amphur gave away  free mushroom spore starter kits to all residents. We were allocated 25. We had no idea what to do with them, so we looked up Mr. Google and away we went.

Toy choose a shady location which received no sunlight all day and we sprinkled water on them. We only had to wait three days when the first mushrooms appeared.

Our garden is doing well The cabbages are forming heads. The brocoli is starting to mature. The mango tree is smothered in bloom and the Marian Plum fruit is beginning to form.

Marian Plum ts smaller than a mango with a more delicate flavour.




Mango Tree in Bloom


Marian Plum



Casa Diverso


Berri Estates Red

chiang-mai-casa-diverso-15596Don’s friend, Clifton, is here from Hong Kong for the Chinese New Year. We decided to go to Casa Diverso. This is one of my favourite restaurants. It’s very poplar so Don booked a table for four.

Toy and I ordered the same. Anchovy tapas and lamb chops with home fries, Although we asked for well done, the chops were too pink for my liking. Apart from that the food was fine. Toy surprised me by ordering lamb. It was all washed down with a Berri Estates Bin 777 red.

It was an enjoyable night. Unfortunately Clifton had a bug and wasn’t feeling well.



Lamb Chops Before


Lamb Chops After


Don, Clifton. me, & Toy


Anchovy Tapas

Dining Out Group – Andy’s Place


Outside Andy’s Place


Having a Good Time

Last night the Dining Out Group ate a one of our long term tavourites, Andy’s Place.

Andy now spends nearly all his time overseas. Kon, formerly of the Compass restaurant is the chef. He maintains Andy’s menu and the change is seamless. Twenty four diners enjoyed the evening.

The restaurant is located in a soi that runs past the entrance to the Furama Hotel. It is the last soi on the left before Huay Keaw Road, heading south.


It Was Great to See Bill and Ruth

I ordered Mom’s fish, so called after Andy’s mother, and Toy ordered ribs. Both were excellent as always.

It was a most enjoyable evening of good food and good company. Despite having no extra staff on duty, they coped adequately with the extra number.


Mom’s Fish




Is Don’s Wine Glass Full?

Serene Homes Party


The Party Venue


The Farang Contingent

On Sunday  Serene Homes moobaan held a residents party. It was organised by Wuth. Cost was 200 baht per house. Everyone was asked to take along a present of about 100 baht value to exchange. Sort of like a secret Santa. As well there were prizes during the afternoon. The function began at 10 am and started to break up about 2 pm.


New Friends


Jen’s Famous Spring Rolls

Apart from the karaoke which was very loud, it was good fun. Several politicians from the amphur spoke. (An  amphur, is the second level administrative subdivision of Thailand. Usually translated as district) Equivalent to shire in Australia.

We came home with 11 kg of rice and a dish drainer after a fun day.


Accepting My Prize


My Prize – A Dish Drainer


The Punch Working



Vietnam Holiday – Day Six


The Beach at Vung Tau


Today we drove to the beach at Vung Tau. It wasn’t the greatest beach but it is the closest one to Ho Chi Minh City and apparently is very crowded at weekends. It took about two hours on a pretty good road. It has a long stretch of beach with mountains in the background.

Vung Tau is the port capital of Ba Ria Province, on a peninsula in southern Vietnam. Once a French colonial town, it’s now a popular seaside resort and fishing port..


Free Coffee Stop

Along the road we stopped for a coffee break at a free coffee shop.No the coffee is not free but hammocks ae available for tired travellers. Truckers use them as rest stops.


Christ The Redeemer


Christ The Redeemer

On one of the mountains stands a smaller copy of the famous statue “Christ The Redeemer”. The original overlooks Rio de Janeiro.


Entrance to the Cable Car


Toy & Me in the Cable Car


The Cable Car

There is a cable car up to another hill where there is an expensive hotel and other attractions.













The View from the Top



We decided to have a seafood lunch, so we went to a restaurant next door to the cable car.


Fish Holding Ponds

We ordered a butter fish, scallops, and shrimp. The fish came from holding tanks and was caught fresh for us.

We go home tomorrow. A car is picking us up for the airport at 6:30 am




Our Fresh Butter Fish



Our Cooked Butter Fish




















Vietnam Holiday – Day Five


The Market from a Roundabout


Highlands Coffee & Cake

Today was a rest day. We walked to Ben Thanh Market looking for souvenirs.I felt a little uneasy here and kept checking my wallet.

It was then coffee time, so we headed for Highlands Coffee which seemed very popular with locals at their many franchises. It was located on the other side of the roundabout but we got there without being collected by a motor bike.

Our next stop was Saigon Square. I also felt a little uneasy here with its catastrophic alleys. It was however a good shopping centre, with bargaining the norm.


Saigon Steak123


Spring Rolls


Potato Skins

We had lunch at a steakhouse. I ordered potato skins while Toy had Vietnamese spring rolls. My meal seemed to have more cheese and bacon than potato skin. It tasted fine however but it probably raised my cholesterol. The spring rolls were very good.


Foot Massage

After lunch we decided to have a foot massage, before going back to the hotel and resting up before dinner.