Back in Chiang Mai


Chang Classic Beer

Well here I am back n Chiang Mai. On Sunday we went to a seafood restaurant here in San Klang. I’m not sure of it’s nane, Sabidee Seafood or something similar.

They had a promotion on the new Chang Classic beer, 3 x 620 ml bottles for199 baht. We drank 2 and took the other one home.


Spicy Raw Seafood

Toy ordered some spicy raw seafood platter and a seafood combo dish,while I ordered sweet & sour snapper.

Toy enjoyed his food but the snapper was not quite hot enough.

It was good to be back in Thailand.


Sweet & Sour Snapper


Seafood Combo


In Australia

oz2I am in Brisbane Australia for routine matters and medical issues.


Brisbane CBD

I return to Chiang Mai on 23 rd October, so there will be no postings until after that date.