Chef Steak

11914987_1698979626999688_191938896_nOur neighbours, across the street, are Richard, a Scottish national, his Thai wife, Jen, and their 6-year-old son, Robbie. Robbie attends the Varee school in Chiang Mai where he is being educated in English and Thai.

Jen is a good cook. Her khao soi is delicious. Richard likes doing handyman jobs. He has done many jobs for me in the house. He will not take payment, so I give him beer or wine in lieu.

They have a Toyota pick up truck. Jen does not drive. On a few occasions Richard has needed a lift to the airport, so Toy has taken him in our car. To thank us they treated us to dinner at a local restaurant recently.

It was a buffet restaurant called Chef Steak.It is a well fitted out restaurant with excellent 11938101_1698983106999340_535910918_nbar-b-que facilities. Steaks available include fish, pork,pork ribs, chicken, but no beef. Price is a reasonable B169 (A6.75)

Inside there are bain maries of pork dishes, sauces and gravies, mashed potato etc,  a salad bar, and ice cream. We had a most pleasant evening of good company and good food.


The Bar-B-Que


Capsicum, Pork. Mashed Potato



The Salad Bar


Soup, Pasta, Sauce


September Expats Meeting – Ben Svasti Thomson


Ben Svasti Thomson & Dary lJones with Members of the Expats Board


Gravestones in Chiang Mai Foreign Cemetery

At Saturday morning’s meeting of the Epats Club, Ben Svasti Thomson, the  British Honorary Consul and Chairman of the Chiang Mai Foreign Cemetery Committee spoke about the Cemetery — its colorful history and operation.

Darryl Jones, the leader of the Friends of Chiang Mai Foreign Cemetery, then spoke about recent projects in cooperation with the Committee to beautify the cemetery and make it into a must-see focal point in Chiang Mai. These improvements will be achieved with the hands-on and enthusiastic support of the CEC Outside Group Activity, the Landscape Gardening Group.

It is an interesting and worthwhile project and the results are eagerly awaited.

Dining Out Group – The RedTree


The Red Tree

Last night the Dining Out Group ate at the French owned, The Red Tree restaurant.It is located at 2/8 Moo 1 Thanon Jet Yod. Parking is not easy.


Appetiser 1


Appetiser 2

The restaurant provided complimentary appetisers.

I ordered a hamburger, “classic but different”, while Toy ordered a rib-eye steak. Both came with a large number of sides, including green pepper sauce. Home made chunky chips were delicious. Both meals were fine but as usual too large fo me so I bought a doggy bag home.


Hamburger, “classc but different”


Rib-eye Steak


Me and Toy

Although our group was fairly small, 12, service was very slow and disorganised. Simple things like hamburgers got mixed up A pity really because the food was very tasty.

Pizza Plus


Eve and Sine

pizza-plusToy found the Facebook page for this restaurant on the web. It is a small place on the Borsang Road at Doi Saket. Reviews were good so he suggested we visit. It was about 16 km but there was little traffic and it took less than half an hour to get there.

It is run by a Thai husband and wife team, Sine and Eve. Three or four tables were occupied.

We decided to share a half Hawaiian and half Pepperoni large pizza and fish and chips.

The pizza arrived first. The Pepperoni half was a bit light on for meat. The fish and chips was served on a board. The chips were home-made from un-peeled potatoes and tasted great but were a little soggy.The fish was too heavily crumbed.

Sine and Eve were delightful hosts. Sine spoke English very well

 It was a pleasant evening but a bit too far for regular visits.


Our Pizza


Fish and Chips



Travel Club – Turkey

turkey-mapturkeyLast night at the Travel Club at the Sangdee gallery,  Harry and Margaret Deelman spoke about their recent tour of Turkey.

During their trip in May 2015 they had overnight stays in Instanbul, Canakkale, Kusadasi, Pamukkale, Fehiye, Antalya, and Cappadocia.

They visited the Gallipoli peninsular.The 100 year Commemoration of Anzac had taken place a few weeks earlier, and there were quite a few Australians in the tour group.

They showed  a wonderful set of photographs. The ancient Roman and Turkish ruins were incredible especially  the stone theatres. It was a wonderful evening which was appreciated by the large attendance.

It was disappointing to learn that the Sangdee Gallery will be closing every Monday evening.

 We will have to choose another day of the week for our meetings.


Speakers Harry and Margaret Deelman


Ephesus (Efes) Ruins - Great Theatre - Fishye - Selcuk, Turkey -2013-05-02 10-36-41

Theatre Ruins at Ephesus


Dining Out Group – Cainito Homemade Restaurat

cainitoLast night the Dining Out Group ate at the Cainto Homemade Restaurant. It was somewhat nostalgic for me because it is on the site of one of one of my former favourite restaurants, Pasta Cafe. My Canadian friend Don and I, dined there on many occasions. It is located on Soi 5, Sirimankalajan Road.

Anyway, the restaurant has the potential to be a good replacement for the Pasta cafe, but last night there were many problems.

It must be said that our large group of twenty diners was probably too large for a new restaurant to handle. Ordering was chaotic. The wait staff just didn’t seem to be able to organise such a large group and looked overwhelmed. They were very pleasant and tried hard, but they were obviously under trained.

The menu was extensive, a mixture of Thai dishes and western fare. Meals were well presented.




Fried Pumpkin Chips

I ordered fied pumpkin chips as a starter.Beautifuly presented on a wooden tray and a meal in itself. To follow, I had snapper fillets with orange and salad. Both were delicious and I had enough left over for lunch next day. Toy did not attend because he had a bad experience at SiPolle restaurant on the previous outing.

I personally enjoyed the meal and the ambiance but unfortunately not everyone shared my view. There was a lot of grumbling because of the slow service


Our Table – Yes I am there down towards the far end


Outside the Cainito

Thanks to Nop and Steve of CityNow! for the pics.