DoiLuang Chang Dao Coffee



The Green Hill Management advised us that power would be turned off between 9am and 5pm today, so that problem trees affecting the power lines could be lopped.

So we decided to go out for morning coffee and lunch.

Toy had been wanting to go to Doi LuangChang Dao Coffee, here in Chiang Mai, so off we went, after walking down 7 floors in the appartment building, because the lifts were not working. I was dreading coming back!

Cake with our Coffee

Well we had a pleasant tme. Coffee and cake and then lunch a bit later.

Spicy Thai Salad

For lunch I ordered fish with chips with salad. The fish had been skinned and was coated in delicious crispy crumbs. Toy ordered a spicy Thai salad. I tried a bit….hot as hell! For desert we had pancakes and fruit.

The coffee shop/ restaurant is in two sections and is located just off Canal Road a few hundred meters north of the Huay Kaew Road intersection.

Pancakes & Fruit


It is very nicely decorated inside and on a wall outside is a large mural of Chang Dao.

Fortunately, by the time we returned home, the power had been restored and the lifts were working again!

Walkway Between the 2 Sections


The Outside Mural seen from Inside the Coffee Shop




Buono Italian Restaurant & D Bar

Chef Bruno

There’s a new restaurant in Chiang Mai, Buono. Yes another Italian eatery! Last night was the Grand Opening. It is located on the Ping river, adjacent to the Nakonping bridge, next door to the Rimping Condo.

Advance publicity …….”Grand Opening of Buono Italian Restaurant & Bar next to Rimping Condo on Charoenrat Road on 29th October from 6pm. They are going to put on a huge Italian spread for free, and we just buy drinks, which are very reasonably priced. He used to have seven restaurants in Singapore and has just moved here and doesn’t know anyone, so I said I would help invite people…Please spread the word. Everyone welcome, BUT you must RSVP”

Unfortunately what shoild have been a successful promotion was a big disappointment! Staff were completely untrained. The house wine ran out before our first oder. The ‘huge Italian spread” was very ordinary indeed.

Towards the end of the meal, it started to rain which caused a scatter Not all tables were under cover. Even the buffet was partly exposed to the rain. Fortunately our table was under cover.

When it came time to leave (it was still raining) we found our car surrounded by motor bikes. There was no carpark attendant and the restaurant staff didn’t really care about our plight. Eventually Christopher moved a few bikes a parked car left, and we go out.

I think our first and last visit. Fortunalely the food was free!

Trumpet Concert – Dr. Phil Norris

Last night I attended a concert at the CRK Recital Hall of the Payap University, Narawat Campus The guest artist was trumpet player Dr. Phil Norris, from the University of Northwestern, Minnesota. He was assisted by pianist David Wilson.

Many compositions were by Phil Norris himself, and he gave interestng narrations between each item.

The short programme consisted of,

 J. Stanley : Trumpet Voluntary

Phil Norris : Recessional No 1

E. Ewazen : Sonata for Trumpet,  2 nd Movement  

Herbert Clarke : The Maid of the Mist 

Daniel Kollman : Sonata for Trumpet ,1st Movement

E. Ewazen : Impressions on Come  Peach Blossoms are Blooming

Phil Norris : Recessional No 4

Phil Norri : Shen ai shiren

A pleasant well attended recital.

Phil Norris During Performance

David Wilso & Phil Norris


In the video, Wynton Marsalis, plays  Stanley ‘s Trumpet Voluntary


Beethoven – 3 Great Sonatas

Atsuko Seta

Atsuko Seta, a Japanese international pianst, associated with the Payap University, played three great Beethoven sonatas last night.

The concert grand piano, believed to be one of only two in Chiang Mai, was set up in the elegant surroundings of the 6th floor Lobby of the Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel.The piano was described by Atsuko as “the best in Chiang Mai”

The 3 Sonatas were , The Pathetique in C-minor Op13,The Moonlight in C-sharp minor Op27, and The Appassionata in F-minor Op57. It was a wonderful evening of beautiful music.

During the Performance

Sue S. Som

Atsuko has great stage presence and a bright personality. When some audience members, inappropriately started clapping after the first movement of The Pathetique, she graciously acknowledged them.

At the concert I sat next to a young Thai girl (Sue), who is a fan of Beethoven music, and her mother. She is also interested in art. Have a look at her Facebook page. Her English was excellent.

.After the concert, I went to a bar in Haew Kaew Road for a few drinks. Later while waiting on the footpath for a tuk tuk to take me home, a car pulled up beside me. It was Atsuka! She kindly offered me a lift home and drove me to my appartment block in Green Hill 2. That’s what I call customer service. She told me that i August next year the Chiang Mai Symphony Orchestra would be performing Beethoven’s 5th Symphony and on the same programme she will be the soloist in Beethoven’s Piano Concerto 5 (The Emperor).

It was a memorable evening. The cost for the magnificent concert in elegant surroundings was 300 baht (A$10.50) and reminded me once again how wonderful it is to live in Chiang Mai.

In the video, Yundi Li plays the 2nd Movement from the Pathetique Sonata



Piano Recital – Roberto Villa

Last night at the AUA Aditorium, a piano recital was presented by Roberto Villa.The programme and his picture and biograohy are on the left and right. Click on both to enlarge.I personally did not enjoy his choice of music, but each to his own, I guess.

A large auaience attended. I did not recognise all that many people, so I suspect he was supported by his friends and restaurant patrons.

Darunee & Roberto at their Restaurant

Jan Vevers Introduces Roberto

Roberto and his wife Darunee have a restaurant, Locanda, in Doi Saket.

Roberto Takes a Bow


Dining Out Group – Krua Thai

Last night the Dining Out Group at the Krau Thai restaurant. Krau Thai means Thai Kitchen in English.It is located on Canal Road just past the Samoeng turnoff.

It is a Thai restaurant without a menu for the adventurous. Since there is no menu it depends on what Chumnan, the owner and chef wants to cook and what’s fresh at the market.The menu is set and the cost, at the most, is 300 baht per person including tip. The meal is served family style and is meant to be shared. The restaurant is very small with pleasant ambiance. Our numbers for the night were restricted.

The host (Chumnan) and hostess (unfortunately she was away in Taipei, who own it are charming. He teaches equestrian and she teaches pharmacology at CMU.

The food was, well, wonderful! It was a great Thai dining experience.

Toy Took this Interesting Panorama Photo with his iPhone

Here are some photos of the food and people.

Cashier Nop Collects the Money


Proprietor & Chef, Chumnan, with Nop & Toy


Spicy Pork

Stewed Pork

Steamed Fish


Chicken with Ginger

Pork Knuckle

Pomelo & Pineapple




October Expats Meeting – Chiang Mai Immigration

Pol. Col. Rutjapong Saravanangkool and his staff with Expats President Nancy Lindley

A special Expats Club meeting was held Wednesday morning at Le Meredian Hotel.

The speaker was Pol. Col. Rutjapong Saravanangkool, Chief of Chiang Mai Immigration, who spoke about recent changes in immigration policy and plans for the Chiang Mai immigration office. In particular he addressed Regulation 327/2557 of 29 August 2014.

The detail of the presentation was by his staff in Thai with an English translation A large audience was present who appreciated their time away from their very busy office here in Chiang Mai.



British Expats Simon & Joan

Aussie Expats


Toy’s Lunch

Chiang Mai Gate Market

This morning Toy went to the Chiang Mai Gate  market. He came back with some crickets. They were quite expensive. Fifty cost 120 baht ($4.33). He peeled them while they  were still alive.

Cricktes are farmed in Thailand and are a popular snack..

Washed and Cleaned Before Cooking

Deep Frying

Cooked Crickets

Toy cleaned and washed them well. He then deep fried them in oil and ate the crickets with steamed rice.



Made my Ham Sandwich Look Boring


Travel Club – Literary Tour of England


Joanna Whitehouse

Last night at the Sangdee gallery, librarian Joanna Whitehouse, gave an interesting account with photos of English cities an towns associated with famous literary figures.

Places included were

Lakes District (William Wordsworth, Haworth (Bronte Sisters), Litchfield (Samuel Johnson), Stratford on Avon (Shakespeare) and Bath (Jane Austin)

Jane Austin



William Shakespeare


Samuel Johnson


Bronte Sisters


William Wordsworth

The Lakes District

Main Street Haworth

Litchfield Cathedral

Shakespeare's Birthplace

Royal Shakespeare Theatre Stratford on Avon

Roman Baths in Bath



The Fantastic Winds Concert

Last night at the Kad Suan Kaew Theatre, The Chiang Mai Philharmonic Band presented the Fantastic Winds Concert.

Thanabodee Ketsuwan

The soloist was Thanabodee Thanabodee (Euphonium) and the popular Chaipruck Mekara was the conductor.

Soloists were Paparwarin Kumjornkiatsakul, Kingkarn Uprajong, and Tanit Charuchitranon.

Francesco Sartori

The programme included a  concerto for Euphonium and Band (Fantasy) by Philip Sparke, Hymn to the Sun – With the Beat of Mother Earth by Satoshi Yagisawa, Festive Overture by Dmitri Shostakovich, Festival Variations by Claude Smith, If We Hold On Together by Jennings and Will Horner, Time to say Goodbye by Francesco Sartori, Selections from Les Miserables by Claude-Michel Schönberg, Oh I Say by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, 

A fairly small, but appreciative audience, enjoyed a well balanced rogramme.

 I have embedded a music video by Il Divo performing Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partirò and If We Hold On Together from the movie – The Land Before Time (Cover by Jenn)