Jindalee Bowls Club

I am  member of the Jindalee Bowls Club. I played the

Life Member Roger Checks the Players List

game for may years. Over that time I won many championships and I am a Past President and Past Chairman of the Club Board. I was President in 1990/1991, during the Club’s Silver Anniversary, and Chairman of the Board some years later. I remember my time in office with a degree of satisfaction.

I was lucky enough to be in Australia for the Annual Past Presidents and Life Members Day on Saturday 20 Sep.

After a brief welcome to the Past Presidents and Life Members, a game of bowls followed.

Welcome to Past Presidents & Life Members

Slot Machines in the Clubhouse

Rogue's Gallery

At 4 pm refreshments were taken. I waspleased  to be able to attend, although I did not play bowls. It is always a great pleasure to be welcomed back to the Club where I still have many friendsand happy memories.



New Thailand Visa

Thai Consulate in Brisbane

Today I got my new one year non-immigrant multiple entry Thailamd Visa from the Thai Consulate in Brisbane. I needed two passport photographs, a bank statement, $225, and of course my passport. The staff were very busy with many customers. Although I was there about 09:30 am, the visa was not available until 01:00 pm.

Thai Immigration Office in Mae Sai, Thailand

A condition of the visa is, as usual, I must leave the Kingdom and re-enter every 90 days. Twice a year I return to Australia and other times I go to Tachiliek in Myanmar, over the border from Mae Sai in Thailand.

I am considering converting this to a retirement visa. The advantage is that I would not have to leave the country every 90 days but simply report to the immigration office here in Chiang Mai. The disadvantage is that I must lodge 800,000 Baht in a Thai Bank account.

Breaches of visa regulations in Thailand are seen as a serious offence.



This is a picture of my mate, Roger.

Map of the Great Sandy Strait

The Condamine River

Golden Perch

Sand Whiting

Roger and his wife Julie live in Jindalee (as I do) , about a half kilometer away. We are both members of the Jindalee Bowls Club, where Roger is a Life Member. He is a retired Primary School Principal. When I lived in Australia we did a lot of salt water and fresh water fishing. We fished in the Great Sandy Strait, where I had an onsite caravan, and in the west in areas such as the Condamine River. We always had fish in our respective freezers. In fact I used to eat a whole steamed yellow belly (golden perch)  every Friday night. My crumbed whiting fillets were legendary.

When I am in Thailand, Roger collects mail from my Post Office box, drives my car occasionally, and keeps a eye on my house. I am very grateful for his assistance. I really don’t know what I would do without his help.

In the afternoon about 5 pm, if it,s hot, (it usually is very hot!) we often have a drink together.

At this time we solve all Australia’s political problems and keep a handle on world affairs. I am sure leaders could learn a lot from us.

John & Lorraine

John Darling & Son Flour Mill

While in Australia I caught up with my long time friends, John & Lorraine. We all used to work together in the laboratory, many years ago, when I was Chief Chemist at the flour mill of John Darling & Son in Sunshine, Victoria.

Roast Pork & Vegetables


 We later all moved to Queensland. Initially John & Lorraine lived on a property at Beaudesert, then later in a beautiful home on Mount Tamborine. Just recently they have downsized to a house at Ormeau, on the Gold Coast. However they spend a great deal of time tripping aroud Australia in their caravan. Our  friendship has edured through the years.I visited them for the day and evening. We had a meal of roast pork, cooked on the Webber Bar B Que. Yum!

It is always great to catch up with old friends.


Lorraine & John


Me & John

Lorraine & Me


Gary & Margaret

One of the main reasons for my trip to Australia was to attend the Golden Wedding Anniversary of Gary and Margaret when they renewed thier wedding vows. I was the Best Man at their wedding 50 years ago.

Holy Rood Anglican Church

Gary & Margaret Make Their Vow

The service was held at thr Holy Rood Anglican Church in Oxenford, by the Rev David Dean. The couple joined hands and said together,

” As on our wedding day, we vow ,  To live together according to God’s Word ,  To give the honour due to the other,  I promise to be true to you In good times and bad ,  In sickness and in health , To love and to hold you all the days of my life, This is my solemn vow and promise”.

A dinner was served in the adjoining Church Hall. A happy night was celebrated by about 130 family and friends.

P S Marion

They are currently spending their “honeymoon” on a paddle steamer on the iconic Murray river.

Me, Gary, Margaret, Matron of Honour, Bev


Get Me to the Church on Time


Cutting the Cake