Morning Walk Saturday

Another overcast morning, but pleasant walking conditions.

Kaan Watering Garden

On the way out, I passed Kaan watering her new garden, near the front gate at the entrance to Green Hill 3.

MODA Sales Office

The sales office for the MODA Condo (under construction) is near to the entrance of Moo 5. I tried to cut out the tangle of communication cables from the photo, but I forgot about their reflection!

Preparing Breakfast

I walked past a Thai restaurant, just around the corner where the staff were preparing breakfast. I say hello to these ladies every morning. Note the open plan!

Green Hill 2

From the soi behind my apartment, I took a photo. I am on the top floor on the left.

Footpath Parking

Walking in Thailand can be hazzardous as footpaths are used for parking of motor bikes and even trucks!

New Condo

Just the Right Width!

Another day, another new condo. This one is being built in Huay Kaew Road, opposite the Maya Mall. The Ritta Construction Company is building it also.

Lottery Ticket Sellers

Popular Food Vendor

Drink Vendor

Tomorrow ( 01 Sept ) is the scheduled drawing of the Thai Government Lottery. I took a photo of some lottery ticket sellers at the Maya construction site. Also some food and drink vendors.

Model Sailing Ship

Finally I called into the lobby area of Green Hill 2 to take a photo of the wonderful model sailing ship that is on display there.

Don’t forget you can enlarge all photos to see greater detail by clicking on them.




Morning Walk Wednesday

This morning was overcast, but not raining. Although the humidity was a bit high, it was pleasant enough walking. Do you know there is a Bollywood movie called “Morning Walk”?

I headed off about 6:30 am.Here are some pics I took along the way.

I spoke to the night clerk, James, at reception and then went to see Dech in the fowl run with his fighting rooster.

Night Clerk - James

Dech with his Rooster

Green Hill 3 is being fitted out and should be opened before long.

Not far from my apartment, a guy was sleeping it off outside a house in the sidecar of his motorbike. I would be worried about dengue fever from mosquito bites.

Sleeping It Off


Green Hill 3



I ran into Marilyn Monroe doing some early morning shopping at Harbour Mall and passed a monk collecting alms along Huay Keaw Road.

Marilyn Monroe

Monk Collecting Alms


Also saw  a school bus in Huay Keaw Road which would not pass Health and Safety Regulations in nost western countries.

A sign has been erected  at the Rincome Intersection. I wonder if it’s just a deterrent.

And finally a barking dog behind a gate. I guess the sign says “Beware of the Dog”. Are dalmations agressive?




It's a Nikon Too!

School Bus






Barking Dog






Expats Club Meeting – August

Rebecca Weldon Sithiwong, a respected museum consultant in northern Thailand, gave us a fast-paced survey of museums in Chiang Mai. The talk highlighted significant collections and suggested ways in which the expatriate community can take a hand in supporting cultural preservation.

Rebecca has served as Curator with the Mae Fah Luang Foundation at Rai Mae Fah Luang, an ethnographic museum in Chiang Rai. She is currently museum advisor to the Prince Mahidol Museum Project in Chiang Mai, and is also Convenor of the Informal Northern Thai Group which provides lectures by academic researchers working in the area. A long-term resident of the region, Rebecca grew up in Laos, studied anthropologiy and museology in Europe and has lived in Thailand for over 30 years.

I was suprised where one slide during her presentation showed that there are 1313 museums in Thailand. 281 are in Northern Thailand, 112 are in Chiang Mai province, 68 in the greater Chiang Mai area, and 37 in Ampur Muang Chiang Mai.

Temples are one of the main repositories of collections.

Chiang Mai National Museum

The Chiang Mai National Museum, opened in 1973, is the main regional museum in northern Thailand. It is not far from my apartment and I have visited there. It highlights the history of the Kingdom of Lanna with descriptions in both Thai and English

The Hill Tribe Museum, run by the Hill Tribe Research Institute, is very interesting. Unfortunately it is closed at the moment but is expected to open again soon.

I must say that I expected a dry boring presentation, but it was a most interestig lecture by a lucid speaker and well illustrated by a Power Point slides.

Expats Member - Ellen




It’s the wet season in Thailand.  In the forested areas in the north, wild mushrooms abound. They must be very prolific judging by the number of roadside stalls I saw on my drive to Phrae the other day. They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colours.

Many Thai drivers were buying from the roadside stalls. In the past there have been a few cases of poisoning. Therefore I only buy mushrooms from supermarkets.

The following photos show the range of wild mushrooms available, in yellow, white, red,  black, brown, and cream colours. They look great. I wish that I was game to try them!







Washing Mushrooms

Bamboo Shoots


Queen’s Birthday

Her Majesty Queen Sirikit

Tuesday August 12 is the birthday of Her Majesty, Queen Sirikit of Thailand.

Thai Mothers Day is also celebrated on the same day. Thai Mothers Day is a celebration of the Queen’s birthday as well as to honour mothers everywhere. The Queen is the symbolic mother of the  Thai people.

Many mothers go to Thai schools. Children say little speech about their love to their mother. Children prostrate themselves before their mother and pronounce their love. This respect is part of the strong family bonding which occurs in Thai families.

I guess that this year festivities for the Queen will be a little subdued because she has not been well. A week or so ago the King and Queen moved to the palace at Hua Hin.

The Governor of Chiang Mai Thanin Supasaen and Officials of Chiang Mai paid tribute to HM Queen Sirikit on Her Birthday at the Chiang Mai University Convention Centre (Picture from CityNow!)


Dining Out Group – Pun Pun

There are two Pun Pun restaurants in Chiang Mai. One is a vegetarian restaurant located in the grounds of Wat Suandok and the other Pun Pun is situated at 321 Charoenrat Road, Chiang Mai on the riverside, just 50 metres south of the Rama IX bridge. We went to the latter.

Proprietor John

All of the food is American styled genuine home cooking and made on the premises. The food is quality and the portions are generous, all representing very good value for money indeed. The owner, John, is very friendly and has a great sense of humor too.

Seven of us enjoyed a great evening. We missed Dorothy who is touring North Korea.

I ordered baked potatoes with a side serve of baked beans, 115 baht (A$4.15)

My Baked Potatoes & Baked Beans

Our Table


Joan's Tub Tim Fish

Simon's Pork Knuckle

Nop's Meat Loaf

Paul's Liver


Orchid Farms

At the moment some friends from Harvey Bay in Queensland, Australia, are visiting Chiang Mai. He is an orchid hobbyist and belongs to The Hervey Bay Orchid Society. Graeme  wanted to purchase orchids in flasks to take back to Oz. Bottles must be sealed and comply with quarantine regulations in Australia.

Doisaket Orchid Company

Yesterday we went to Doi Saket to try to find farms. Eventually we located two farms, Sukhaking orchid farm and Doisaket Orchids Company. The two farms which are a few kilometers apart seem to be somehow related. The farms are in a very senic area surrounded by paddy fields.

Graeme inspecting Flasks

Staff Potting Orchids

Growing Out Orchids in Greenhouses

Beautiful Specimens



The Iron Bridge

Are you iInterested in joining more than 1.2  million results-oriented people to improve local communities Members of the new English-speaking club in Chiang Mai will join with the nearly 8000 Rotarians in Thailand to continue Rotary’s tradition of ‘Service Above Self’ with their projects to improve health, sanitation, literacy and disease prevention in local communities.  Men and women of all nationalities, races and religions are welcome as members. There is no charge to attend the Introductory Meeting at River Market Restaurant, on the west side of the Iron Bridge, on Thursday, August 22, at 7:30 pm.

Haircut & Shave

This morning I had a haircut and shave. I go to a barber shop in Manee Nopparat Road, near the Chang Puak Gate.

Normally there are two barbers working. Noy has adopted me. His English is reasonable.

The Barber Shop in Manee Nopparat Road

In Australia I would never dream of having a commercial shave, but it is so cheap here for a little pampering!

A haircut and shave cost me 130 baht (A$4.75). I tip him 20 baht.

The owner and cashier watches proceedings. She is the only one to handle money, although I give the tip direct to Noy.



The Haircut

The Shave

The Boss & Cashier

Northern Food Valley Fair 2013

The Northern Food Valley Fair 2013 was held in the Exhibition Hall at Chaing Mai Airport Plaza from Saturday 4 August to Sunday 4 from 10am until 8pm.

As today was the last day, I went to have a look this morning.

It was for any foodies or people interested in cooking. There was a variety of organic food, many Thai brands, northern Thai local produce, pastries and sweets, savoury items,  cooking equipment, coffee and tea producers. Samples and testers were given away throughout the exhibition, plus great discounts to encourage people to purchase.

I didn’t spend much time there. It seemed I’d seen most of it before.There were some interesting foods displayed.

i was very impressed with a product which was solar dried banana slices coated in chocolate. Yum! It is made in the  Bang Krathum district of Phitsanulok province., south of Chiang Mai. I wish I had taken note of the local supplier. A 250 g packet cost 110 baht (A$4.04)

Hsu Chuan Foods Co., Ltd make a large range of ginger products at their factory in Chiang Rai. I must have a plant tour of their factory next time I drive to Chiang Rai.

Entrance to Exhibition Hall


Coffee Samples

Making Corn Fritters

Cutting a Durian for a Customer