Happy New Year

Bird Thongchai

Happy New Year! Sawadee Pii Mai This link is to a New Year song by a extremely popular Thai vocalist, Bird Thongchai. Last night we dined at one of my long term favourite restaurants, Pasta Cafe.It has not changed since I first came to Chiang Mai many years ago. I had rib eye steak from New Zealand. It was served with mixed vegetables, grilled tomato, and chips. It was great and good value at 385 baht (less than A$12.50). My friends had pork satim bocca and grilled salmon which they both declared to be excellent.


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Nong is my cleaner. She comes every Friday morning for 3 hours.

She always comes laden with stuff. Usually fruit or vegetables, sometimes from her home garden. The only English word she knows is Bert, but with sign language and my very limited Thai, we get by.

Today she brought about 2 kg of tomatoes and some roasted peanuts.

As well as cleaning the apartment she does my ironing.

I pay her 100 baht ($3.25) per hour which is expensive by Thai standards but very cheap compared to Oz.

Cleaning Screens

Thai Lottery

Lottery Ticket

Gambling is illegal in Thailand except for the Thai Government Lottery and limited horse racing.

Lottery draws are usually held on the 1 st and the 16 th of each month. Actually the draw is today, a couple of days early, because of the holiday period. Each ticket consists of two shares at 40 baht each. Total cost is 100 baht which includes the sellers commission of 20 baht.

First prize is 2,000,000 baht per share but there are many other prizes. A special draw for the last two numbers is the smallest prize of 1000 baht per share.

Each drawing I buy 3 tickets and I have been quite lucky in winning small prizes.

Horse racing is held in Bangkok every Sunday. Officers of the Thai Army operate Horse Racing in Chiang Mai every Saturday and a totalisator operates under the grandstand. It is a fun day out.

Even though any other form of gambling is technically illegal in Thailand, there are gambling dens and casinos all over the country, no doubt under police protection. An underground lottery operates also.


Later…...Lottery drawn.…..oh well, next time!

Hotmail Hacked

My Hotmail Account has been hacked again! The first time was a couple of months ago. It served me right as my password was not strong enough. In fact it was a word that is in the dictionary. For my new password, I used the same word but added a capital letter and some numbers. Not good enough…they got in again.

It really seems to be of nuisance value but it upsets me that people on my address list may receive unsolicited emails.Well my new password is as secure as I can make it. I have used symbols, a non dictionary word, and numbers.

If you use Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo, I suggest you review your password and make it as strong as possible. There are people out there that spoil the pleasure of using the Internet.

It goes without saying that all Internet users should use a virus protection software.


Yesterday I went to see   Dr Sathorn , a dermatologist, for a review. He zapped a heap of sun spots on my scalp with liquid nitrogen and asked me to return in a month to do some more. My psoriasis is bad at the moment because of the colder weather.

Today I had my monthly INR test and a consultation with Dr Pattarapong. My result was 2.2. It has been quite stable for some time and is well maintained within the desired range of 2 – 3. He said my heart sounded OK. I have copied his cv which may be of interest. He has been to Australia many times for medical conferences. He has a great sense of humour and is not unlike Dr Colquhon, my cardiologist in Brisbane. Continue reading